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University Virtual Campus

Project summary:

Virtual Campus – idea of the project

The driving idea behind Virtual Campus project (www.kampus.umcs.lublin.pl) was not to replace traditional teaching by e-learning, but to promote the idea of IT technology among HE teachers at traditional university and to encourage them to blend it with traditional teaching. To start the implementation of the project we needed to:

  • make HE teachers and student aware of possibility of using IT technology in education
  • measure ability of HE teachers in IT technology
  • develop the system of trainings and workshops for HE teachers to teach them or improve their knowledge and ability of using distance learning platform
  • prepare distance learning platform Virtual Campus of MCSU

At the very begining we treated as an aim group all HE teachers from our University. Very soon we discovered that it doesn’t work and that we need to find hotheads (“agents of change”) and interested tutors and then spread the idea on the others. So we started from small group and we let Virtual Campus to become a set of spontaneous initiatives of tutors who engage themselves in this project without any additional gratification, what forces us to show them some other advantages that they will have from using it in their teaching.

Additional information: